The Hideous Demise


Detective Slate


Co-production with The Deconverters

Jane Grimley Director

Metro Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival

5 Part Radio Serial, fbi Radio


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'The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate is more than just a fringe show. It’s busting out of its restraints with a sexy, yet seedy… and yet still very sexy performance....The story (written by Alli Sebastian Wolf) is a jaunty, satirical adventure that seems bigger than the genre itself. Add larger-than-life characters plus a break-neck pacing, and the atmosphere is one where the characters have fallen straight from the radio. “Alli has turned the genre on its head so many times, you don’t know which way is up,” explains director, Jane Grimley. “It feels like they might even turn around and implicate the musicians… or even you!”

The AU Review

The Importance of Being Ernest Dragons And Other Classic Tales,

As Told An Octopus

Co-production with Tin Shed Theatre Company

Scarlet McGlynn Director

Old Fitzroy Theatre

February-March 2012

Also performed at Peats Ridge Festival Big Top 2011

and as a short work in Freshly Squeesed at New Theatre 2010


‘Has me in constant fits of laughter. The tales themselves explode onto the stage as The Importance of Being Earnest,Phaedra and Dante’s Inferno now brim with dragons, ghetto smack talk, glam rock music and countless other references to popular culture. The intertwining of these references with the classic texts is very funny.’

The Brag


‘This is a must see production, you just have to see it to believe it, you don't need to take any hallucinogens before you go it is all there - werid, wonderful and wacky! If you are stressed at the moment this is a good cure, it takes you to another world where you can escape and indulge in a piece of fantasy… you won't believe it and it will keep you smiling for days!’

What's On Sydney

Mermaid Teeth

Development Showing



Also seen as a short play at

Deep Sea Astronauts Sea Beasties Party, The Rocks

Cut&Paste, Bondi Pavilion Theatre

Griffin Theatre



'Wolf has written a rather fun little piece of theatre. The Captain’s monologues are very enjoyable and it would seem that Wolf has a fine sense of comedy...Wolf can certainly spin a yarn in an entertaining and engaging way, and the material she has to work with is rich and fresh. .. it entertains for the whole 45 minutes, and with some work it could become a quality piece of theatre.

Watch out for it in the future.'


Dinner And A Show



You Don’t Know About Space

video game radio play


Sydney Fringe Festival

Indie Video Game Showcase

and Online



The Vulture Gentlemen

radio play &

puppet theatre hybrid



Peats Ridge Festival

Newtown Festival

Radio Play




Revenge of the Space Gypsies



Peats Ridge Festival

Theatre Productions